That Modern Aussies Story:

That Modern Aussies® started with the vision to improve hundreds of thousands of Aussies' lives and to provide them the best quality of products at affordable costs. 


The founders of That Modern Aussies® are two best friends, who want to empower, all the Aussies and help them grow happier and healthier into their lives. 

We decided to start this company as our way of giving back to the community and to the world.

Join us on this journey along with thousands of other Aussies to make everyone's life more joyful & cheerful than ever before.

Our Values

Eco-friendly products bring us a healthier life.

Dedicated team and founder that care about our Aussies comfort.

FAST & FREE Delivery Australia Wide.

Focusing on the designs of products that last a lifetime.

Believing in providing the convenience and ease in life to make life easier.


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