Garden Rolling Kneeling Seat - 360° Rotatable Stool with 3 Wheels and Collapsible Backrest for Gardeners & Horticulturists

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✔️ Adjustable Height Prevents Knee Pain
✔️ Comfortable For Various Gardening Tasks
✔️ Protects Lumbar Spine And Knees


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Is your back or knee pain stopping you from gardening?

Need a solution to avoid constant crouching or bending?

Frustrated with Crouching or Bending While Gardening?

Garden Rolling Kneeling Seat

Look no further! This pain-relief gardening seat is your #1 choice when it comes to gardening. The seat height can be adjusted between 9-14.6 inches (23-38 cm), allowing you to choose the height that suits you best, avoiding knee and lower back pain caused by squatting.

How Does It Work?

Gardening can be done easily with our mobile garden stools without the need to repeatedly get up and take care of your knees and back. This versatile tool allows you to adjust the seat height to your comfort level, providing a stable platform to sit or kneel on while you work. 

Key Benefits

✔️ Adjustable Height: Customize between 9-14.6 inches (23-38 cm).

✔️ Pain Relief: Reduces knee and lower back pain.

✔️ Versatile Use: Ideal for gardening, farming, shops, and more.

✔️ Mobile Convenience: Easily rolls to different areas.

✔️ Durable Design: Built to last with robust materials.

✔️ Comfortable Seating: Provides a stable, cushioned platform.

✔️ Improves Efficiency: Makes gardening tasks easier and faster.

✔️ Prevents Injury: Protects your knees and back.

✔️ Suitable for All Ages: Great for anyone who loves gardening.


  • Height Adjustment: 9-14.6 inches (23-38 cm)
  • Material: Durable and robust construction
  • Usage: Gardening, farming, shops, ranches, lawns, orchards, landscapes

Package List

  • 1 x Garden Rolling Kneeling Seat

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