Laundry Color Catcher Sheets

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Are you tired of sorting your laundry and want a hassle-free solution for mixed loads?

Looking for a revolutionary product to prevent color bleeding and save laundry time?

Wishing for a laundry accessory that caters to various fabrics without compromising on effectiveness?

Introducing our Laundry Color Catcher Sheets – a game-changer in your laundry routine. With these sheets, you can throw your white T-shirts, black cotton clothes, jeans, and vibrant dresses all into the same washing machine, eliminating the need for separate loads and saving you valuable time.

How Does it Work:

The Laundry Color Catcher Sheets are equipped with a high activity absorption factor that efficiently captures free dye in water, preventing color mixing during the washing process. This breakthrough technology ensures that your colorful and dark garments can coexist in the same load without any worries of bleeding or fading.

Key Benefits:

✔️ Enables washing mixed loads without color bleeding.

✔️ High activity absorption factor prevents color mixing.

✔️ Saves time by allowing diverse fabrics in the same load.

✔️ Natural ingredients for a gentle touch on your hands.

✔️ Safe for sensitive skin, baby clothes, and underwear.

✔️ Chemical-free and septic safe for eco-friendly use.

✔️ Suitable for both machine wash and hand wash.

✔️ Fast dissolution in water for quick action.

✔️ Compatible with various garment materials.

✔️ Moisture and dryness-resistant formula.


Laundry Color Catcher Sheets are designed for convenience and efficiency. The sheets are suitable for cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, mixed fabrics, and more. Their fast-dissolving formula ensures optimal performance in both machine wash and hand wash cycles.

Material Compatibility: Cotton, linen, synthetic fiber, mixed fabrics

Dissolvability: Fast dissolution in water

Materials: Non-woven fabric

Product Weight: 81G

Product Size: 13 × 15 × 4CM

Package List:

Desired Amount of Laundry Color Catcher Sheets

30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

Confident in the effectiveness of our Laundry Color Catcher Sheets, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Simplify your laundry routine – order your Color Catcher Sheets now!

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