Portable Mosquito Zapper & Lamp

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Want to experience a mosquito-free space wherever you go?

Tired of mosquito bites ruining your outdoor moments?

Searching for a portable solution that accurately attracts mosquitoes?

Introducing our Portable Mosquito Zapper – a smart and efficient way to create a mosquito-free space wherever you go. Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and embrace outdoor moments with the Portable Mosquito Zapper – your compact and reliable solution for a mosquito-free environment.

Key Benefits:

✔️ Simple double-click for easy operation.

✔️ Enjoy mosquito-free zones anywhere, anytime.

✔️ The 1200 mAh battery capacity provides up to 4 hours of continuous use.

✔️ USB charging capability for convenient

✔️ Place it anywhere in your space

✔️ Make a mosquito-free environment.

How It Works:

Double-click the switch button to turn on the light, and a simple click to shut it down. Easy to use, anytime, anywhere. The Portable Mosquito Zapper creates a mosquito-free zone with its advanced technology. The LED lamp beads emit light that accurately attracts mosquitoes, providing a 1200 mAh battery capacity for up to 4 hours of usage.


Enjoy the freedom to place the zapper anywhere, anytime, thanks to its cordless design. With USB charging, you can keep it charged for ongoing mosquito protection.

Material: ABS
Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh
Usage Time: Up to 4 hours
Charging time: 3~4 hours

Disclaimer: The Portable Mosquito Zapper is intended for indoor use only; read instructions carefully to prevent misuse. Keep out of reach of children, and avoid direct contact with the electrified grid during operation.

30-Days Money Back Guarantee:

The product is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring your contentment and satisfaction. This guarantee is in place to ensure that you receive the highest quality products. However, it does not cover damages resulting from accidents, misuse, abuse, or neglect.

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